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Meet our Founder: Bill Job

Meet Bill Job, a visionary and veteran with over three decades of world exploration and business development under his belt. Having served his country, Bill now serves the global community through Boterna, a venture rooted in blessing cities and uplifting lives. The genesis of Boterna began with the aspiration to benefit the city of Xiamen, China, and has since thrived. Collaborating with Greg and Heather, Bill envisions Boterna's reach expanding not only throughout the United States but also across many nations, touching countless lives.

In this unique journey, stewarding Boterna sets itself apart. The driving force is the pressing need for food across the world. This mission marries Bill's entrepreneurial spirit with a profound sense of purpose, resonating deeply with communities worldwide.

Stay tuned as Boterna continues to grow, fulfilling its mission to provide fresh, healthy greens and make a positive impact on the world—one leaf at a time. 🌿 #BoternaFounder #GlobalMission #VeteranEntrepreneur #FreshGreensForAll


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