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International Students Day: Celebrating Team Members

On this International Students Day, we take a moment to celebrate the incredible journeys of Carlos and Shegofa, two outstanding individuals who contribute their unique talents and dreams to the vibrant tapestry of BOTERNA Vertical Farms. As we navigate the world of indoor aeroponics vertical farming, we recognize that our success is not just about growing good produce; it's about growing better people. Today, we shine a spotlight on Carlos from El Salvador and Shegofa from Afghanistan, both integral members of our BOTERNA family.

Carlos: A Culinary Dream in the Making

Meet Carlos, a passionate and driven individual hailing from El Salvador. Carlos brings his rich cultural background to BOTERNA, infusing our team with a zest for life and a love for fresh, flavorful food. Currently studying with aspirations of owning his own restaurant someday, Carlos is a testament to the power of dreams and hard work.

At BOTERNA, we believe in supporting our team members' ambitions beyond the vertical farm. Carlos's dedication to his studies and his dream of owning a restaurant resonates with our core values of teamwork and unity. We work together, lean on one another, and celebrate the diverse dreams that make our team stronger.

Shegofa: Navigating the World of Computer Science

Meet Shegofa, a determined and talented student from Afghanistan pursuing a degree in computer science at the University of North Texas (UNT). Shegofa's journey is one of resilience and intellect, as she brings her passion for technology to the forefront of our team at BOTERNA.

In embracing unity without uniformity, we recognize the strength that comes from a diverse team. Shegofa's presence enriches our work environment, reminding us of the power of different perspectives and the importance of treating each other with dignity and respect. She exemplifies our commitment to creating a culture of service toward one another and stewardship of resources and the environment.

BOTERNA: Growing Dreams, Growing Better People

At BOTERNA, we take pride in being a part of the stories of our international students. Our commitment to creating a culture of service and stewardship extends beyond the vertical farm, reaching into the aspirations and dreams of our team members. As we work hard together to grow better produce, we also strive to grow better people.

Join Us in Celebrating International Students Day

As we celebrate International Students Day, we invite you to join us in recognizing the valuable contributions of international students worldwide. Their dreams, talents, and diverse perspectives enrich our communities and contribute to a brighter, more interconnected future.

At BOTERNA Vertical Farms, we not only grow fresh and healthy produce; we also grow dreams and support the aspirations of those like Carlos and Shegofa. It's a commitment to teamwork, unity, and creating a culture of service and stewardship.

To Carlos, Shegofa, and all the international students who inspire us daily – thank you. Your stories make us stronger, your dreams make us richer, and your presence makes BOTERNA a truly exceptional place to grow. 🌍✨ #InternationalStudentsDay #BOTERNATeam #DreamsGrowHere

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