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That affordable high quality produce would be within reach of every person on earth, starting in Denton, TX.


To create opportunities for local food production anywhere on earth for the blessing of all peoples


To ensure every ounce of food we produce is packed with the nutrition that our modern diets often lack


  • Joy – we target 8+ on our individual joy meters every day at work

  • Stewardship – we believe and behave as though we are stewards of an amazing opportunity to provide a solution to world hunger

  • Teamwork - We work hard together and lean on one another to grow better produce and better people


Cultural Directives

  • We believe in hiring a diverse staff. Our team is from Afghanistan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, the United States.

  • We believe in unity without uniformity and in treating each other with dignity and respect

  • We are creating a culture of service toward one another and stewardship of resources and the environment

Why Vertical Farming

Less time in the supply chain means more plant nutrition and health for the consumer

Who We Are

The founding team has experience living and working in 4 countries, and we realize how important fresh produce is to both the diet and the health of people all over the world. We believe people in every country deserve the opportunity to grow their own food locally and we want to help. Famines and droughts are affecting food supply chains everywhere, and we are pioneering a cost-effective way to grow using less land and less water to deliver fresh, healthy, produce anywhere in the world!

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