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BOTERNA Vertical Farms is serving the DFW area with fresh, locally grown produce grown in an indoor facility, year-round!

Rainbow Swiss Chard growing vertically at BOTERNA Vertical Farms.
Lettuce freshly grown at BOTERNA Vertical Farms, harvest farm to table.
Seedlings getting  a fresh start at BOTERNA Vertical Farms. Also available for diy grow your own.
Fresh refreshing salad greens, Farm to Table, from BOTERNA Vertical Farms.

BOTERNA's world class aeroponics facility can produce 65,000 new plants every month and can deliver them to you!

BOTERNA Vertical Farms delivers fresh, nutrient rich, healthy lettuce and leafy greens for you to enjoy! We offer individual orders and bulk orders for local grocery stores and restaurants. Farm to Table services so you can be confident in what's on your plate.

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