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That affordable high quality produce would be within reach of every person on earth, starting in Denton, TX.


To create opportunities for local food production anywhere on earth for the blessing of all peoples


To ensure every ounce of food we produce is packed with the nutrition that our modern diets often lack


  • Joy – we target 8+ on our individual joy meters every day at work

  • Stewardship – we believe and behave as though we are stewards of an amazing opportunity to provide a solution to world hunger

  • Teamwork - We work hard together and lean on one another to grow better produce and better people


Cultural Directives

  • We believe in hiring a diverse staff. Our team is from Afghanistan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, the United States, and Venezuela

  • We believe in unity without uniformity and in treating each other with dignity and respect

  • We are creating a culture of service toward one another and stewardship of resources and the environment

Why Vertical Farming

  • Globalization has created long and complex supply chains, which are great for durable goods but not for fresh produce! Produce loses its nutritional value as it works its way to your shopping cart. We are cutting the time from farm to your table exponentially

  • Did you know that the crunch in your lettuce is directly related to its nutritional value? As soon as a plant is harvested, it begins using its nutrients to stay alive. By eating local, you get a higher nutrient content in every bite

  • Eating Boterna's locally grown produce means that YOU enjoy healthier AND tastier food 

  • We like eating fresh and we know that you do as well. Enjoy the crunch of our lettuce even after it has been in your fridge for a week!

Boterna's Leadership Team

Bill Job - Founder & Board Member

Bill has over three decades of manufacturing experience in China. The idea behind Boterna was first to bless the city of Xiamen, China, which it is doing. Bill believes Boterna is poised to expand throughout the US and many other countries. Stewarding this company is different from all others he has been involved with because of the the very tangible need food is around the world.

Greg Marsh - Chief Executive Officer

Greg is an engineer with an MBA from Duke University and has lived & worked in Alaska, Texas, Qatar, & Oman. While in Oman he realized the huge need for fresh produce and worked assisted Heather in a vertical farm they started to fill that gap. Greg & Heather sold their business in Oman and moved back to the US in November 2021. Upon returning to the US, Greg left the corporate life to help shape and prepare Boterna to be a blessing to the world for generations to come.

Greg Pic.jpg
Heather Marsh - Chief Operations Officer

Heather has an education degree and had been a stay at home mom for 10 years. However, she found joy in operating the vertical farm she started with Greg in Oman. Through running a farm she realized she had a host of business skills and wants to use her gifts to bless her employees and customers.

David Richards - VP of Research & Development

David obtained his degree in Ornamental Horticulture and landscape design from the University of Tennessee. In the last 20 years he has worked at the Knoxville Zoo as the Curator of Horticulture, as construction manager building residential homes, & more, finally coming full circle to working with plants at Boterna. David is highly skilled at building anything that can be dreamed up and making it grow healthy food for the world to enjoy.

Serious Man
Tanner Photo
Tanner White - VP of Operations

Tanner is a mechanical engineering undergraduate and has an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He is extremely talented in engineering design and deployment and has a knack for creating mechanical systems that function like a well-oiled machine while looking like artwork. 

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